Gwendolyn Strong

Gwendolyn Strong Foundation Baby with SMA Help Cure SMA

We are so excited and honored to introduce our newest item. The "Gwendolyn Butterfly"

I found a site with a little YouTube video that changed my life. You see I "met" Gwendolyn Strong. Gwendolyn is only 2 years old and she lives locked in the world of SMA. Never heard of it? Neither had I, but that short clip shattered my heart and I knew immediately that I needed to show Melissa and Beb-e-ssentials needed to become involved.

Our hearts have been captivated by this brave little girl with such bright eyes. When you look at her she uses those eyes to "move" her whole body. Her parents, Bill and Victoria, are literally in the battle for their daughter’s life and the lives of the thousands of other babies dying of SMA. So what is SMA you ask? SMA is Spinal Muscular Atrophy, the leading genetic killer of infants and young children; more than that 1 in 40 people are carriers of this killer. How can we not ALL know about this disease?

In an effort to help raise awareness and funding for SMA research, we have added this beautiful new item to our shop. The Gwendolyn Butterfly is a sturdy but elegant clippie that measures over 2 inches wide. It is crafted of hand painted variegated threads -- all have trademark Gwendolyn pink in them somewhere. These little gems are poised to take flight and, like all children, no two butterflies are alike. SMA is like the cocoon that tightly held this beautiful butterfly, restricting its every movement. Your support through awareness and research dollars will allow Gwendolyn and all her butterfly friends to break out and take flight.... allowing them to jump, run, laugh, eat, and breathe without machines.

Take just a moment to go to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation link and be changed. Then buy a Gwendolyn Butterfly, found at the bottom of this page, and enjoy the one-of-a-kind beauty of this item. Profits from this item go to Gwendolyn Strong Foundation to help end SMA.

Gwendolyn ButterfliesEach unique clippie comes on a lined snap clip. Butterflies are approximately 2 inches wide. $6 from every Butterfly sale goes straight to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.

Price: $10      


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SMA Skinny Headwrap SMA Skinny HeadwrapSkinny ivory or white headband comes with your choice of a beautifully crocheted mauve rose or a small mauve silk flower with gem center. Both clips come on a lined snap clip and are detachable, allowing you to use the clip on any other Beb-e-ssentials products.

Price: $8.00      


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